Decolonizing Education in South Africa and Dealing with the Crisis

Sonntag, 08.08.2021, 10:30-13:00, digital über Zoom

KOSA (Coordination Southern Africa) and Welthaus Bielefeld invite you to learn and discuss with students from South Africa: about colonialism and racism and the effects on the current education system in South Africa. We are going to look in-depth into the Colonial history of South Africa in regards to Apartheid and Racism but mostly focusing on Education in Apartheid times and what is currently happening, how young people fought and still fight for better education in South Africa.
Our project will be divided into three workshop sessions. Since the workshops are designed to build on each other and culminate in a (prepared) exchange with the southern partners, participation in all 3 workshops is recommended.

08.08.2021 | 10:30-13:00
22.08.2021 | 10:30-13:00
05.09.2021 | 10:30-13:00

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The workshops will be held digitally and (only) in English. To register, please send an email to
Starting times according to Central European Time (CET). After registration we will send you the invitation link for each workshop. We will use Zoom.